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>STARTT Accessories

Get the most out of your STARTT with these STARTT accessories

The STARTT 3D printer comes with all the items you need to build the 3D printer.But to fully use your STARTT 3D printer you need to replace your filament.

If you are not sure where to start,come by to one of our workshops.

  • STARTT Spool Holder

  • STARTT Build Sheet (5pcs)

  • Startt 2 x 500g PLA (White and Blue)

  • Startt 4 x 500g PLA (White and Blue)

  • STARTT Hotend

  • STARTT End Switch

  • STARTT Y-Axis Bearings

  • STARTT 5-5 Coupler

  • STARTT Melzi 2.0 Board

  • STARTT Teflon Tube

  • Build-A-Printer Workshop

  • STARTT Family Day Workshop