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...to build

  • Step by step guide
  • Helpful videos
  • All tools included

It's easy...

Octopus plain

...to print

  • Simple to use interface
  • Suprizingly good prints
  • Speed and precision

…and it won’t cost you a fortune, only £€$ 99.99

Who is the STARTT for?


  • Add 3D printing to your curriculum
  • Learn and create simultaneously
  • Expose then to new technologies


  • 3D print together with everyone
  • Personalise gifts for each other
  • Make your own toys or sculptures


  • Assemble the printer yourself
  • Gain knowledge of 3D components
  • Understand how a printer functions

What are they saying?

A 3D printer under $100? Meet the STARTT by Rushabh Haria and Corey Clarke

STARTT objects

Free items to download on MyMiniFactory

Not the best 3D printer you will ever buy – just the first!